This software has been deprecated. The software at does everything this software does, and more.

Disaggregate and Adjust Value-added Learning Scores

A tool to disaggregate Scantron, ZipGrade, Quick Key, or Akindi pre- and post-test responses into value-added learning scores (Walstad and Wagner 2016) and adjust them for guessing (Smith and Wagner 2018).

Graphical User Interface

The GUI software for Mac and Windows is self-contained in a single file and no installer is required.  To use the software, download the the GUI version (on the left) and unzip the resulting file.  Move the application from the zip archive to somewhere on your hard drive.


To start the application, double click on the extracted application.  You might receive a warning indicating that the software is from an unknown developer.  This feature protects you from applications that might have been maliciously altered.  However, if you downloaded the application from this site you should be safe and you can click to proceed.  On Windows you can click 'run anyway' (or 'more info-> run anyway') and on the Mac you can open the application by right clicking the application file, selecting 'open' from the menu and clicking 'open'.

In all cases, clicking on the button will allow you to navigate your hard drive and find the two exam files, assessment map (optional), or list of students (optional).   Selecting 'Save Location' will set the output file location.

Latest Release: 1.0.5 (Nov. 12, 2018)